Image by Shubham Dhage

What We Do

Talent Management

  • TAMc Talent Management will identify and collaborate with content creators or public figures to market their brand and creations

  • Our Talent Management services are extended to Nobles, Laureates, Celebrities, Designers, Artist and Freelancers who share the same vision with us and want to create unique artwork, accessories, or even services to be minted into NFT and sold into the MetaMall

NFT Marketplace

  • Our NFT marketplace for brand owners and creators to come and sell their products. This marketplace will provide a seamless, low barrier to entry experience from digital creation to the minting of NFT

  • The NFT marketplace will also feature community collaborations and tools that enable creators to fuse their creative expressions with technology


  • As we establish our community, the final stage is augmenting of virtual malls into the metaverse that host and showcases millions of digital accessories that can be donned and used by every being in that universe

  • The experience of browsing through creations, products and services will be further enhanced with predictive AI algorithms that will understand your virtual conscience to provide an immersive experience with unlimited possibilities

  • Our MetaMall will be the  Mall for Avatars to shop for accessories in the Metaverse

  • We will be developing an Ecosystem and welcome any developers to jointly develop games or application to serve our Contestants. Join Our Family and if you are interested to secure investment from us, write to us. For the companies whom are aligned to our vision, we will provide the initial funding to assist you to developed games or application to enrich our Ecosystem. We will share our resources with you once you become part of the family

  • We are also be developing our own Metaverse Economics Model to reward the participation. Together with prominent esteemed economists, we will build a modern and sustainable economic model which creates and emphasis on fairness to our entire ecosystem