What We Do

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Talent Management

We Do It Right

Our Talent Management is driven by passionate thinkers who work closely with each brand to create strategies that produce unparalleled results. 

We want to collaborate with Nobles, Laureates, Celebrities, Designers, Artist and Freelancers who share the same vision with us and want to create unique artwork, accessories, or even services which will be tokenized into the metaverse

Capturing Art

NFT Marketplace

We Do It New

Our virtual marketplace for content creators and multi-discipline artists will provide a seamless, low barrier to entry experience from digital creation to the minting of NFTs 

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We Do It Big

Augmenting virtual malls into the metaverse that host and showcases millions of digital accessories which will be compatible across the meta multiverse


About Us

Defining Commerce in the Metaverse

The AceMeta company (TAMc) is developing a sustainable digital creative space of the future. TAMc will be the defacto Virtual Mall for Avatars to shop for accessories in the Metaverse.


TAMc will become a place where creators and owners of brands, accessories and art come together to trade and transact virtually across all Metaverse worlds of the future.

To Build and Operate the Largest MetaMall for Meta Accesories 

Upcoming Events

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Our Community

TAMc is all about the community. Our values and beliefs are deeply rooted to the man on the street and to the aspiring individuals that aim to inspire and create an impact with their creative expressions.

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